Select the right nail polish for you

Select the right nail polish for you

Nail polish colors should flatter, or at least compliment the wearer’s skin tone.  Nail Polish color trends change each season. Just because a shade is ‘on trend’ – doesn’t mean it suites everyone. Different nail polish colors flatter different skin tones, varying from light to black. Identifying your skin type will help you choose make up that best suits your natural beauty.

Now let’s have a look; which colours are best for your skin tone?

Fair Skin Tone: (often burns easily, has freckles and a blue undertone to their skin tone)

Women with light or fair skin tone appear to be the luckiest since they can apply most colors to their nails. They can wear, usually, whatever is ‘in’. It’s worth noting that those with fair skin are advised to stick to nail colors that have a blue base; because they complement a light complexion without overpowering or making it appear pasty However some specific nail polish colors are more preferable for fairer skin tone  i.e. red, light/medium pink, pastels, plums.

Yellow-based, bright reds or orange-reds nail polishes overpower a fair complexion and make it look overly pale.

Medium Skin Tone: (tans with effort)

Medium skin tones should look for nail polishes that are inclined towards the metallic.

If you have a medium skin tone; some of the shades that you may want to opt for include bright shades of pink, blue and orange. Also look for metallic nail polish shades of light blue and silver.

If possible, avoid red, navy blue and darker purple nail polish, these colours will have the effect of washing out the medium skin tone.

Sallow Skin Tone: (tans easily and has a yellow undertone)

Sallow skins are further restricted. Bright shades of pink, blue and purple are recommended for a sallow skin tone. Also include in your preferences light brown and chocolate. Tanned skin is complimented by shades with a yellow undertone; if you follow this principle, you won’t go wrong.

Avoid golden nail polish, if you have sallow skin.

Darker Skin Tone:

People with darker skin tone, might choose maroons, dark greens and reds, These shades tend to look the best. Choose a chocolate brown shade that isn’t too dark as this is one of your best colours.

Avoid too bright shades. Also avoid silver, white and orange nail polishes. These colours will dull the darker skin tone, and make it look aged.

Katherine McGee, Marians