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Packing for holiday or honeymoon


I’m working on the basis of a two-week trip to warmer climes, but this list can be adjusted for any holiday. With current baggage restrictions this quantity of clothing will also suffice for a longer period than two weeks, as long as some washing and ironing can be accommodated during the holiday.

I always indulge in an all-over body tan before holidays. Rather than arrive on the beach in my glowing white winter state. (Professional tan always looks better than when I do it myself! But that might be me!!)

Packing Tips

All garments, accessories, shoes etc should be laid out on a bed or flat surface, until everything needed is gathered together. (Use a spare bedroom if one is available, or an area of floor that is seldom used.)

When packing, if garments are rolled instead of folded, they will emerge from the case relatively crease-free and afford more space in the case.
Shoes should be packed first, at the bottom of the case. Use the interior of the shoe to hold small articles, such as knickers, socks, jewelry, sun creams etc. for guys it is handy to put underwear and matching socks in the correct shoe i.e. black socks with black shoe.

The last items to be packed should be the items that will be required immediately, on arrival, such as swimsuit, sunscreen, nightwear and toiletries. Think about the time of day you arrive and what you are likely to need. Keep these pieces until everything else is packed, they will be ready for you to use immediately on arrival. Allowing you to unpack the next day, at your leisure.

You will need a tote bag that will carry your handbag, toiletries, book or magazine, odds and ends for the flight. This bag should be handy as a beach bag/shopping bag once you get to your destination. I usually carry a travel toothbrush, pair of knickers, and spare t shirt (to change into in case of staining or to sleep in,) just in case there is some kind of unforeseen overnight delay!

Don’t forget to put your toiletries (no bigger than 100ml in size if you’re flying!) into a plastic zip lock bag.

The important thing is to have a comfortable lightweight suit to travel in. The jacket is handy for cool evenings, and the skirt or trouser great to mix and match during the holiday. (Linen is a comfortable travel fabric, allowing the body to breath and maintains a consistant body temperature, so you never over heat or get too cold). For long flights its cozy to include a pair of socks for the flight.

Clothing to wear travelling

Trouser/skirt suit, in neutral colour, this could be a lightweight coat/casual or formal jacket with co-coordinating trouser and skirt. It should double up for evenings in a warm climate.
1 x Comfortable shoes, preferably not sneakers, but I usually wear the bulkiest shoe to pack.
1 x matching top
Pashmina. Cashmere shawl to use on the flight (this doubles up for over the arms on cool evenings).

Clothing to pack

Clothing for day trips/tours
2 x tops to match travel trouser
1 x Sandals/sneakers to match that are comfortable to walk round in.
1 x travel tote/shopping bag.

Clothing  for the pool/beach

2 x pair of shorts
1 x printed summer skirt or beach wrap/long tunic top, to wear, with your bikini, going to and from the beach, or if you go to a beach restaurant.
1 x pair of shorts (neutral colour i.e. white, black, navy, denimn etc)
3 x casual tops to match shorts and summer skirt
1 x flip flops or flat sandal
1 x small face towel (handy to wipe your hands of sand and oils)
3 x swim wear
1 x beach towel (not too thick or bulky, for easier drying on the beach, and lighter packing.)

Clothing for night

2 x pretty tops to match travel skirt
2 x dressy summer dress (they might look good with the travel pashmina)
1 x pair of light-weight denims (can be a colour or blue jean) buy the best you can afford, Fit and cut are important when it comes to jeans.
2 x sexy night time tops
2 x extra tops or dresses for night time wear.
1 x elegant sandal with kitten, wedge or high heel.


5 x knicker (rinse out each evening)
1 x universal bra
1 x moulded t/shirt bra
It’s a regular job that we love at Marians, many of our customers get us to put together this wardrobe for them, in particular our Brides. You don’t need to make an appointment, call in – we love to do this. Taking your shape, colouring and type of holiday into account, we will work within your budget. Tell us how much you want to spend and we will develop a fab holiday (or work) wardrobe for you to enjoy. It’s great fun and very successful, it takes major pressure off in the lead-up to your wedding/holiday. Often customers will bring in a couple of favourite pieces from previous hols that we will incorporate and add to for additional ‘looks’ with the same piece.



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